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Welcome to Aspen Counterpoint

aspenWelcome to Aspen Counterpoint and our newly constructed Website – an ongoing work in progress. We’re happy to be back! We hope to present events that will prove interesting and help clarify the many challenging issues we face today as Americans and members of a complex world community. Please read our mission statement which highlights our goals.

Our first event will be held on Wednesday, August 6th at the new Aspen Jewish Community Center centrally located on Main Street in Aspen. We will be showing The J Street Challenge: The Seductive Allure of Peace in our Time, a film that has already received a lot of recognition that features such experts as Alan Dershowitz, Ruth Wisse, Charles Jacob, Bret Stephens, Caroline Glick, Rabbi Daniel Gordis, and others you may know. Be sure to listen to our Alan Dershowitz YouTube video in which he introduces the film here on our website.

We are proud to present our speaker, Jonathan S Tobin, the award-winning senior online editor and chief political blogger of COMMENTARY magazine. Jonathan is a well respected journalist and expert in both national and international affairs who will offer his insights on the film as well as address other topics that intersect with the provocative subject matter. Please click on Events to read Mr Tobin’s bio.

After his remarks, Mr Tobin will sit down with Dr. Alan Altman for a one-on-one interview followed by a Q & A in which our audience will be able to fully participate. Aspen Counterpoint recognizes the importance of dialogue with our audience at all of its events, and encourages your involvement with questions that challenge and inform.

Afterwards, we will have our Aspen Counterpoint Fundraiser where we will offer our sponsors cocktails, a sumptuous dinner and an up-close-and-personal opportunity to meet Mr Tobin at Aspen’s newest premiere nightclub, Bootsy Bellows located in the center of town. Mr Tobin will continue the conversation offering his thoughts on compelling domestic and foreign policy issues. This will be our kickoff Fundraiser and we hope you will join and support us so that Aspen Counterpoint will be able to continue offering stimulating programs that will not disappoint. Those of you who attended our 2010 summer symposium: Conflict and Conscience, remember how well that event was received. Additional information is available on our website event link which provides cost and details you’ll want to know.

We’re also delighted to introduce you to our new Video Archive on this website which will offer ongoing videos from all future events and our 2010 Symposium mentioned above. We will continue to build a library of informative topics to be viewed at your convenience. We hope you’ll take advantage of this feature.

For your information, Aspen Counterpoint is a 501c3 organization under the auspices of JCC Aspen.

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